Terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy & Cancellation Charges

  • We will confirm your booking only on the basis of 100% Full payment in an advance
  • 50% if cancelled Fifteen days in advance.
  • 75% if cancelled Seven days in advance.
  • 100% if cancelled four day prior to booking or on the same day.
  • Any postponement of the booking will be treated as a cancellation will be governed by the Cancellation Policy.

  • Non-arrival to the Hotel (No Show) :
  • If you fail to arrive at the hotel on the arrival date the entire reservation will be cancelled automatically by the hotels and you will be charged the cost of the whole reservation.
  • If you fail to check in on the first date but still continue your travel plan to stay at the hotel, please urgently contact us so that we can keep the room for you for the rest of the nights. Otherwise as mentioned above, the entire reservation will be auto-cancelled and no refund will be issued.

  • Shorten Stay (Early check-out) :
  • Shorten stay is subject to whole period charge whether or not you stay the whole period.
  • If not complied to, the booking can be cancelled.

  • Note
  • Refunds only through cheque for bookings made by cash/cheque/bank transfer.
  • Online refunds for bookings made through the website usually take 7-10 working days.
  • Credit/debit card online refunds will only be made against credit/debit card bookings and usually take 15 working days.
  • The original receipt must be presented for processing the refund.
  • Credit/debit card cancellations will be charged 5% extra.

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